Thursday, May 19, 2022

‘TikTok class’ teaches how to earn $5000 per video

A university in the United States (US) has started ‘TikTok classes’ to help students in marketing their brands online.
North Carolina’s Duke University, offers a full-credit ‘Building Global Audiences’course, also known as ‘the TikTok class’ to help undergraduate students learn how to optimise their social media presence.
Students have collectively gained 1,45,000 followers and garnered more than 80 million views for the videos they made in the class.
Natalia Hauser, who gained 12,000 followers during the semester to take her total follower count to 2,27,000, earns anywhere from $1,000 to $7,000 a month through partnerships with brands like Barnes & Noble, Macy’s, Canon and Pepsi. She sometimes earns $5,000 for a single post.
She told Bloomberg that the class has taught her how to negotiate with brands and figure out how much she could charge for her work.
Professor Aaron Dinin, who had been teaching social marketing for Duke’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute, decided to build the course when he realised many students were into content creation.
Students make videos on TikTok trends and share the final product with classmates. They reach out to brands for collaborations. The classes help them compare analytics and goals for their accounts and discuss why certain posts perform well or not.


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