Wednesday, January 19, 2022

TikToker Eman Askar sings for Palestine in an effort to share its history


Tiktok user Eman Askar has gone viral after putting together a song in an effort to share Palestine’s history with the world, reported TRT World.

Eman, who goes by the username emmasworld.101 on the popular video-sharing app, compiled a genius set of lyrics to explain the history of Palestine and how the illegitimate Israeli occupation came about, gaining much adulation for her song.

The Egyptian mother of two later took to Instagram to share her delight after her song went viral, writing, “I had to pinch myself in order to believe that I made so many friends overnight!”


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“There once was a land called Palestine where Christians, Muslims, and Jews lived fine. In the 1800s it was ruled by the Ottoman Empire,” she starts, trailing off into how Theodore Herzl “founded Zionism for Jews to aspire. A land that becomes their home, and safe only for their kind.”

She then sings about the Allies winning World War 1 and England colonizing Palestine. “A promise for a Zionist state was made by a man that had no right!” she croons.

Eman’s storytelling takes momentum from here on, detailing how once the Jews started arriving on Palestinian shores, which they were welcome to, their plan to steal the Palestinian land grew more obvious, and by 1948, Israel had “bullied its way into a state.”

Watch Eman’s incredible rhyme below:


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