Friday, October 7, 2022

Tobacco Free Karachi campain launched to rid city of curse


KARACHI: The city authorities in a bid to rid Karachi of excessive tobacco-consumption curse have launched on Thursday a campaign Tobacco-Smoke Free Karachi which is headquartered in the East district, ARY News reported.

The city authorities have put in charge a focal person in District East over which the health officer of the district have apprised relevant assistant commissioner.

Dr Atif Mansoor has been appointed the focal person for the newly launched campaign while Bilal Ahmed and Asad Khan have been made master trainers for the program.

In this regard the authorities are also appointing focal persons for private and public sector institutions who will run awareness programs against tobacco usage.

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Furthermore, the printed material advising against smoking and chewing tobacco by enlisting the number of potential damages it causes to body will also be pasted on walls.

A notification to this effect has been issued earlier by the district health office of District East Dr Ashfaque Ahmed.


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