Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Today is World Down Syndrome Day!


Down syndrome is a medical condition that has been prevalent worldwide and has existed since early on. On 21st of March each year, Down Syndrome Day is marked in order to show solidarity with those who have Down syndrome and to highlight the solutions to their problems. In this article, we will elaborate as to what is Down syndrome, its impact and how does it take place?

What is Down syndrome?

In order to understand and comprehend as to what is Down syndrome, it is essential to understand the human biological traits, especially the study of cells. Every human being has cells inside which there exists a nucleus wherein there are 23 chromosomes present, one chromosome is derived from the father and one is derived from the mother. Down Syndrome occurs when abnormal cell division involving chromosome 21 occurs. This results in the development characteristics of the person to become changed and altered as compared to other normal people.

Symptoms of Down syndrome

Some common features of Down syndrome are:-

  • Flattened facial features
  • Small head
  • Short neck
  • Upward slanting eyes, unusual for the child’s ethnic group
  • Unusually shaped or small ears
  • Poor muscle tone
  • Broad, short hands with a single crease in the palm
  • Relatively short fingers and small hands and feet
  • Excessive flexibility
  • Short height

Some Down syndrome individuals often encounter difficult circumstances as well, depending upon the seriousness of the condition. Often Down syndrome patients go through intense heart defects and also have a low level of intelligence.

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Down Syndrome and Pakistan

Whilst there is much room for education and providing rights for down syndrome patients in Pakistan, there are organizations who are working on ground to provide more opportunities and benefits for those who suffer from the unfortunate condition. Pakistan Down Syndrome Association (PDSA). The main function of this organization is to inform the nation about rights of Down syndrome patients and create opportunities for them. Karachi Down Syndrome Program is also another platform which creates awareness and is established by parents of those who are suffering from Down syndrome.  Karachi Down Syndrome Program was launched in March 2014 with the goal to advocate the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down Syndrome living in Karachi and to provide them with the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives.

What needs to be done?

Parents in Pakistan are not too open about discussing Down syndrome as a condition. This should be avoided and treatment should be sought for the child as these patients also deserve extra care and comfort. Down syndrome patients should be allowed admission into private schools, colleges and be treated with the same amount of respect and honor as a normal individual. They should not be underrated or discouraged from achieving or pursuing any profession. Steps should be taken by the government to enlighten and create equal opportunities for Down syndrome patients.



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