Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Today is the longest day of 2018


In case you are not aware about it, today is the summer solstice – the longest day of the year.

On the longest day, the duration of sunlight is comparatively more than that of any other day. The solstice occurs twice a year and is referred to as the ‘summer solstice’ and ‘winter solstice’.

The longest day of the year is a cause of celebration for many, whether you feel a spiritual connection to the power of the sun or are simply relieved that summer has finally arrived.

Why is it the year’s longest day?

The summer solstice – otherwise known as the estival solstice, midsummer or Litha – is the longest day of the year.

It occurs when the earth’s geographical pole on either the northern or southern hemisphere becomes most inclined towards the sun and officially marks the beginning of summer.

When the summer solstice takes place in the northern hemisphere this month, the sun will reach its highest possible altitude.

As a result, the day on which the summer solstice falls will have the longest period of daylight of the year.

In some cultures, such a paganism, the summer solstice is symbolic of fertility and the harvest.

What day does it fall?

The summer solstice in the northern hemisphere occurs in June, while it comes about in the southern hemisphere in December.

The summer solstice in the northern hemisphere will be taking place this year at exactly 11.07am on Thursday 21 June.


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