Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Toddler shocks family after playing with mother’s mobile phone


A family in the United States was shocked after their toddler ordered furniture worth thousands of dollars while playing with her mother’s phone.

According to the US-based news agency NBC New York, the woman Madhu Kumar looked for furniture on Walmart’s website. She added items to her cart but never purchased them.

She became baffled after seeing the items – valued at nearly $2,000 – at her doorstep. The remaining culprit was the two-year-old Ayaansh.

Madhu Kumar reportedly asked her husband and two children but they denied. It turned out that the two-year-old Ayaansh was the culprit. He was playing on his mother’s phone when playing with the mobile.

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Pramod Kumar spoke to the news outlet regarding the strange incident. He said that it was really hard to believe that his son did this, adding that he will put tough passwords and face recognition to avoid such incidents in the future.

The mother claimed that they found the situation humorous. The woman, calling her son as cute and small said that they were laughing over the stuff he ordered.

The report mentioned that the family will keep some of the ordered items while the remaining will be returned for a refund.


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