Thursday, August 11, 2022

Tom Hanks donates plasma for COVID-19 patients


American actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks have stepped to help fight the coronavirus by by donating more of his plasma to patients of the infectious disease.

Turning to Instagram on Wednesday, the Forest Gump actor told his fans that he donated two bags full of plasma for those in need.

“Plasmatic on 3! 1,2,3 PLASMATIC! Hanx,” he captioned the photo.

According to CNN, the plasma derived from blood in people, like Hanks, who have successfully recovered from the virus, may contain antibodies that can potentially help others fighting the illness.

Earlier, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson after donated blood for COVID-19 vaccine research.

The couple were diagnosed with the virus on March 11 during their Australia tour where Hanks was filming an Elvis Presley biopic.

They returned to the US after recovering from coronavirus.


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