Friday, March 31, 2023

Tragic video: Indian man carrying dying father to hospital on wooden handcart


A tragic video showed the moment an Indian man was carrying his dying father to hospital on a wooden handcart after failing to get an ambulance amid the crisis of COVID-19 third wave.

The heartbreaking footage was reportedly taken in the Siwan district of Bihar state which showed a man carrying his dying father to hospital on a handcart as he could not get an ambulance for him.

However, it was not confirmed that his father was suffering from COVID-19.

tragic video indian man dying father hospital wooden handcart

It showed an unidentified man pushing his father, who is lying on a large cloth on top of a wooden handcart, down a quiet street in the Siwan district of Bihar. In the video clip, the elderly man was not seen moving while being taken to the hospital by his son.

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The man claimed that he took matters into his own hands and decided to carry his father using a handcart because he was unable to find an ambulance in the area, Dailymail UK reported.

He allegedly waited for an ambulance to arrive but began transporting his father himself because he feared he would die if he didn’t.

Following the severity of the COVID-19 positivity rate in India, each day carries terrible stories of death and impuissance due to an acute shortage of ICU beds and oxygen supplies.

According to local media, the country recorded 3,874 fatalities in a day, whereas, the infection tally stands at 25.77 million with a death toll of 287,122.

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Moreover, the local media reported on Wednesday that hundreds of decomposing bodies of coronavirus victims were continuing to wash up in the Ganges across India.

Local residents from towns on the banks of the 1,560-mile-long river said dozens of new corpses appear every day, and claimed the events expose India’s official death toll of 287,122 as a sham.

tragic video indian man dying father hospital wooden handcart

Locals in Uttar Pradesh say they are being forced to wade through corpses while bathing in the river as feral dogs and birds feast on the bodies. The grim scenes on the Ganges started last week when 71 bodies washed up on the bank in Chausa village, according to Dailymail UK.

The following day, in Gahmar, six miles away, dozens more decomposing corpses were spotted by villagers, while in the neighbouring Ballia district, bathers found 62 rotting bodies floating in the river.

All along the Ganges, in villages including Kanpur, Kannauj, Unnao and Prayagraj, shallow graves and human mounds line the embankment, while in Mahadevi ghat, more than 50 bodies were found.

It emerged that crematoriums only accepted bodies that had come from a hospital with a Covid certificate but many people were dying at home having not received a test.


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