Tuesday, May 24, 2022

SherDil’s immersive trailer will exhilarate you!


Amid consistent hullabaloo between India and Pakistan and an abundance of baseless blame game by Indian media, not only has Pakistan emerged as an undisputed hero for relinquishing India’s efforts to cause restlessness, but the Prime Minister Imran Khan has become an epitome of peace by getting the country out of predicament with the release of an Indian pilot, Abhinandan who was captured with the help of Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

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Bringing the infinite amount of bravery filled in PAF pilots to the mainstream, ARY Films, and NK Films have just released the official trailer of 2019’s highly anticipated film, SherDil and it looks absolutely breathtaking for all the right reasons.


The trailer starts off with two fighter jets unveiling the dapper, Mikaal Zulfiqar and the suave, Hassan Niazi as pilots. Then comes the veteran actress Samina Ahmad telling Flight Leftenant Haris (Mikaal), “Although these men in uniform look like normal people, when the time comes, they agree to sacrifice everything for their country.”


Haris plans to join Pakistan Air Force and exhibits exceptional performance along with a few witty scenes in the drills. He falls in love with the absolutely gorgeous Armeena Khan who apparently asks him to stop risking his life.


He goes to the United Arab Emirates where he meets the stunning, Sarah Francis (Sabeeka Imam) and an Indian pilot Arun Veerani (Hassan) in the “47th Top Flying Wing Exercise.” The trailer also depicts fist fights and a dance number, along with a scene which delineates Haris and Armeena dancing at a traditional event.


The last, and perhaps the most spine chilling scene is when Haris exclaims, “If I don’t return, tell my father that a martyr never really dies!”

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While speaking to the press at the trailer launch event, Azfar Jafri who has directed super hit movies like Janaan and Parchi said he was “worried” in the beginning because fighter jet movies mean “exceptional visuals” but he was relaxed as soon as he got to know of Fast and The Furious 7’s Riki Butland as the Director of Photography and Muqeem Khan as the VFX Advisor of SherDil.

Helmed by Azfar and produced by Nomaan Khan (NK Films), this potpourri of patriotism, love, and sacrifices is all set to enthrall the cinemas across Pakistan on 22nd March 2019 under the banner of ARY Films.

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