Sunday, September 25, 2022

WATCH: Pickup truck crashes into posh car while trying to overtake


In a near-death experience, a car driver and his wife narrowly escaped being fatally hit by a truck that abruptly shifted to their lane ran into a lamppost at more than 120Km/h speed.

As the truck swerved to car’s lane, whose dashboard camera (dashcam) had the video recorded, it slammed right into the central reservation of the thoroughfare and the boxes inside its storage went exploding across the highway in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Dashcam footage captured accident moments as the white delivery van careered across the lane and into a yellow Mercedes SL 500 AMG as it tried to overtake a lorry at 77mph.

It pushed the Mercedes against the wall then wobbled from side-to-side while dozens of boxes got tossed into the path of the traffic behind.

The Mercedes driver who is an expat from Australia with his Thai wife came out unharmed and handed the footage of the crash to police, claiming the crash caused almost £10,000 to their car.

This is the photo of Mercedes SL 500 AMG that sustained damage to the tune of almost £10,000

Talking to media following the incident, the driver said that the van tried to run him off the road several times but ‘you don’t see that in the video… Many people are asking why I accelerated and did not brake’.

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The driver said the police reviewed the footage from the incident and agreed the truck driver was in the wrong. Their company’s insurance providers are now handing the issue.

He added there were four wheels and four tyres on my car that are destroyed, and more damage to the body work. The cost is around 400 000 baht (£9,900).’


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