Sunday, May 22, 2022

Twitter testing “liked by author” feature


Microblogging social media app Twitter is working on a “liked by author” label which will show up when a tweet’s creator like a reply.

TechCrunch, in its report, stated that their team spotted the feature on the app’s Android version. However, there is no word on its worldwide testing but there are reports of it being accessible in many countries.

Its representative later confirmed it, saying the goal is to provide context about the post. However, they are yet to announce more detail regarding the new feature.

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A badge will appear when the author likes a reply. It will be both visible to who came up with the post and those who came across it. 

It is a bit like TikTok’s “liked by creator” badge which comes up when the video’s creator likes a comment. 

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There are both pros and cons of the new feature. The positives are that a user can boast of his post being showcased especially by a celebrity on social media. 

It can be helpful when a tweet gets a large number of replies and the writer wants to highlight a few of them without a direct reply.

However, the downside of the label is that it may show up on a single reply or it being a distraction to posts which are flooded with traffic. 



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