Friday, September 30, 2022

Two car lifters selling batteries of stolen vehicles arrested in Karachi


KARACHI: Anti Vehicle Lifting Cell (AVLC) of Sindh police on Wednesday arrested two car lifters involved in selling and buying of the batteries of stolen vehicles from the city, ARY News reported.

According to AVLC officials, an accused named Rizwan was allegedly involved in stealing vehicles from the city for the batteries only.

Describing his modus operandi, the AVLC police said that the accused use to leave the vehicles after taking out their batteries and was selling them to a scrap dealer named Saif for only at Rs1,200 to 1,500.

Six vehicles and eight batteries were recovered from the custody of the arrested lifter. The police on the information passed by Rizwan has also arrested scrap dealer, Saif.

The AVLC officials said that Rizwan has been arrested five times earlier and was sent to jail.

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Further investigation into the matter is underway.

On September 3, the Anti Vehicle Lifting Cell (AVLC) of the Sindh police had apprehended a cop involved in dozens of motorcycle theft incidents.

According to the police, the arrested cop was on-duty in the Thatta district of Sindh.

The police had said that the accused was involved in dealing in the sale and purchase of stolen motorcycles and four-wheeler vehicles.


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