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Two foreign cyclists who started world tour in 1998 are now in Pakistan


Two nomad cyclists from Slovenia and Czech Republic who started off their world tour in 1998 have reached Pakistan and exploring the beautiful landscape of the country.

Katja Zivec and Miroslav Jan Kadlec first met in 1998 in Izraleu, according to Slovenian website Siol. And they decided to head on a world tour on cycle the same year.

They first separately went to Cairo in 1999, then Czech Republic in 2000, and subsequently they decided to continue their journey together around the world in 2000.

Foreign cyclists visit Pakistan
Picture of the cycling duo taken from the Facebook page ‘Cycling Pakistan’. Katja Zivec (R) and Miroslav Jan Kadlec (L).

Due to the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, they were forced to fly to Bangkok. “A year later we got two old wheels on the small island of Koh Tao, on the east coast of Thailand, where we lived and made jewelry,” according to the website.

They decided to travel by bike because they love nature. “It’s just so fast, quiet that you do not scare the animals that come early on the road early in the morning, give you freedom and it’s good for the body, and you can come with it through the highest passages of the world,” says Katja.

Katja Zivec lived six years in Asia and cycled through beautiful landscapes across Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Mongolia, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

In 2007, the pair returned to Europe to visit family and friends. “We also had to make a new passport because the old ones needed a renewal.”

Foreign cyclists visit Pakistan

They spent the winter in Mexico and prepared for a long way back to Asia. “In the summer we started cycling from Ljubljana through Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey to the Middle East, where we visited friends,” says Katja, and continues: “Then we went back across Jordan and Syria to the east , the Kurdish region of Turkey, across Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia back to Thailand. ”

A few years ago, Burma (Myanmar) opened and landed all the way to India, she explained.

Foreign cyclists visit Pakistan

“For us, the word home means the world and it is not bound to a particular place. We like to know new places and love to return to the places where we have been. Moving brings the fresh energy that we love”, says Katja.

“There are people who are like lakes and people who are like rivers. I feel that I’m a river that sometimes gets stuck, but sooner or later it goes away.”

Foreign cyclists visit Pakistan
Picture of the cycling duo taken from the Facebook page ‘Cycling Pakistan’

Miroslav Jan Kadlec said: “We are looking at places that are difficult or even inaccessible. We love the simplicity of staying on a bicycle, it’s time to be in a moment and live a life.” “Meet the slowly changing landscape and people, discovering the power that we have hidden in ourselves. , the sun and the wind, love, a positive impact on the environment and yourself, “he says.

“All people are part of one big family regardless of language, race or religion. These are only external factors that cause disunity among us.

Foreign cyclists visit Pakistan

Fear is the greatest enemy of man, and we often suffer from it, we do not enter the way we want to walk. We are all part of the nature surrounding us, notwithstanding that most people are very alienated from it. Everything we do here affects all the world’s creatures living on this planet.

Slovenka and Czech, who are on the way to the world, communicate with each other in a mixture of Czech, Slovene and English. “When we arrive in a new country, we always learn a few words in the local language, so these people take it more nicely because they see that you are different, a traveler who is also interested in the people and cities it comes in.”


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