Tuesday, September 27, 2022

IRONY: In just two minutes dacoits rob bank on Two Minute Roundabout


KARACHI: In what can be termed an irony of fate and of tragic kind, on Wednesday at least two burglars broke into a local bank, done their plundering, returned, and escaped all in a matter of two minutes in Karachi’s Two Minute Roundabout area, ARY News reported.


The robbers broke into the bank precisely at 11:08 am and were already on their way by 11:10 am and they looted about Rs1 million according to reports so far.

In this little period when the burglary transpired, the dacoits did not have it easy as their predicament descended with their mode of transport breaking down on them.

Their motorcycle failed them as they escaped the bank but they instead of panicking, they improvised by snatching another bike from an oncoming rider.

Their broken-down motorcycle police recovered after they fled

In this whole episode which is filmed in the CCTV, one thing people and especially the victimes missed the most is the sign of police or any security agency.

The security guard who ended up injured after resisting the robbery bid

The collected CCTV shows one of the suspects carrying bags full of cash while the other weilds a gun and snatches a bike from the biker.

Casings of used bullets were found in the bank premises and on the road where they were shot.


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