Sunday, September 25, 2022

Umar Shareef expresses regret over dismal condition of Pakistani theatre


Umar Shareef expressed sorrow at the irony of commercial theatre not being present in Karachi. The legendary comedian stated that he was upset with the sad state of affairs of the theatre in Pakistan because he and comedians like him had won acclaim for the local theatre, worldwide.

Umar Shareef also admitted that he was busy these days in overseeing the building of his hospital ‘Maa’ which is under construction these days. Due to his busy and hectic schedule, Umar stated that he could not allocate proper time to theatre performances. Speaking to a local media outlet, Shareef said that it was now time to act since the deteriorating condition of Pakistani theatre was alarming. “It is now time to restore Pakistani theatre back to its glorious past,” he said.

Umar Shareef expressed the resolve that he would speak to those artists who had garnered national fame from acting in Karachi’s theatres and would urge them to join hands and help uplift the condition of theatre in Karachi. He expressed optimism and happiness at the upsurge in Pakistani film industry and stated that he himself intended to make a film soon.


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