Sunday, August 14, 2022

Unbelievable sky-diving footage shows what it’s like to touch a cloud


Breath-taking sky-diving footage has revealed just what it looks like to freefall through a cloud.

Hatton Smith, an entrepreneur and founder of drink brand Campesino, jumped out of a plane and freefell backwards through fluffy clouds. The video shared by Smith from his Instagram account has amazed his followers.


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A post shared by Hatton Smith (@capt_rumcoffee)

The footage begins with a shot of Smith walking on a platform attached to the plane. The camera attached to Smith’s foot captures the clouds and the son as the freefall starts.

A big puff of cloud appears to get bigger until Smith passes through it completely. It appears to have little effect on the sky-diver as he looks completely unfazed.

The clip has now collected over 10.5k likes on Instagram.


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