Sunday, September 25, 2022

University digs grave for students!


Putting loved-ones in a grave is always a difficult task.

However, a university has converted the idea for a positive purpose in such a manner that there are weeks of  waiting list for students to be able to lay in the grave.

So what are they doing is the first question that comes up in everyone’s mind and here is the answer to it.

Located in the Dutch city of Nijmegen, Radboud University is offering its students to cope with exam stress via meditation grave.

The technique was altogether different from other therapies including dog sessions, mindfulness meetings and even designated quiet spaces adopted from other universities to help students suffering from anxiety during exam periods.

Located at the backyard of the university, the university has dig up a grave complete with a blanket and yoga mat.

The founder of Project John Hacking was quoted by UK media outlets that the project is aimed at making students realize the value of life and the time they spend on earth while also helping them to better appreciate and be at peace with death.

Anyone could lie in the grave that has mattress with words, stay weird, for 30 minutes to three hours. However, they are not allowed to be in possession of books and other equipment such as mobile phones, laptops etc during the period.

According to the students, the bizarre project is so popular they had to be put on a waiting list to secure an early grave.

Student Sean McLaughlin said: “Me and my housemate were planning on going a week ago, a week and a half ago, and we found that there is a waiting list to actually get into the grave, so it’s quite popular, so we didn’t get the chance yet, but I plan to go sometime soon whenever I move up.”


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