Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Unseen images reveal strange marks at ‘UFO’ landing site


Unseen Images have emerged for the first time from Brazil, showing a place where an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) might have landed with signs of strange marks and burnt grass.

As per reports published in the United Kingdom (UK) media outlets, the landing was witnessed and claimed on 01 October 1995 when fishermen Fernando Beserra and Wilson da Silva Oliveira say they were gathering their nets on an island called Ilha do Major, in São Paulo, Brazil.

They saw a disc-shaped UFO which was emitting a bright yellow hue flying overhead. The pair thought that it was a balloon at first, but when the object approached at speed they were convinced it was a alien spacecraft.

Terrified by the intense light, the pair jumped in their boat and fled as the mysterious object landed landed just a few meters away.

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Photos of the aftermath of the alleged encounter have now emerged –  which show notch in the soil and grass flattened in a circular formation.

But in tests involving planting seeds in these soil samples, it was found, curiously, that in the soil samples taken within the burnt area the seeds germinated easily and those planted in the samples harvested outside the circle did not germinate and were attacked by fungi.

Investigators determined that each landing gear would have weighed 25 kilos but the researchers believed the UFO was much heavier and it did not put all its weight into the soft ground.

It became clear to the researchers that the marks were not from conventional helicopters or aircraft. The Santos Military Air Base stated that it had no aircraft in the area at the time.


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