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Unusual footage: Fish falls from sky, slams into parked vehicle


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In unusual footage from Virginia, it was seen that a fish slammed into a parked vehicle after falling out of the sky which was captured by a home’s doorbell camera.

The netizens have baffled after watching the bizarre footage that came reportedly from a homeowner living near Virginia Beach. The video has garnered thousands of views on YouTube and a bulk of puzzling comments.

unusual footage fish falls from sky virginia video

The video was uploaded by ViralHog and the homeowner, Carlos Maldonado, said, “Car was parked. A claim was already pending on another part of the car that got damaged, and then the fish fell from the sky and bent the spoiler.

“The neighbors said it sounded like a gunshot and they came over to investigate and saw the fish and knocked on our door. We said ‘Yeah right, a fish fell from the sky??'”

“So we searched the ring video and saw the fish fall from the sky and hit the car. I had to call StateFarm and make another claim, at least we had the video to prove this story.”

The doorbell footage showed that the fish fell on the parked vehicle and flopped over onto the lawn.

Some viewers assumed that a bird could have dropped the fish which was seen flying at the video’s beginning.

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