Friday, August 19, 2022

“She chose suicide over divorce”, Urwa Hocane reacts to sub-inspector’s death


Actor Urwa Hocane has responded to the suicide of sub-inspector Mary Rose, raising concern that Mary chose “suicide over divorce,” due to the stigma attached to divorce.

The tragic news of sub-inspector Mary Rose’s suicide in Rahim Yar Khan Punjab had broken the internet on Monday.

Movie and drama star Urwa Hocane took to Twitter to raise her voice against the patriarchal stigma around divorce, that forces women to be in abusive relationships.

The Udaari actor pointed out that Rose choose “suicide over divorce.”

“Female Sub-inspector Mary Rose commits suicide in Pakistan and from what I gather of the story, she chose suicide over divorce.” she wrote talking against the stigma around divorce.

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Urwa added “When are we going to stop stigmatising divorce and not cost a woman’s basic right to live and breathe with her own choice? Why aren’t we talking about this? What do we fear?”

“Please marry my daughters to someone who can take responsibility.”

Wrote Mary Rose over her room mirror before committing suicide.


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