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Motorcyclist killed by US diplomat’s car in Islamabad – police claim ‘fair probe’


ISLAMABAD: Fair and impartial investigation is being carried out without fear or favor in domain of law in motorcyclists hit incident near Daman-e-Koh Chowk, a police spokesperson has said.

In a statement, he said police was in close liaison with the bereaved family and updating it with legal course of action while investigation was being carried out in the matter. He assured that the investigation will be fair, transparent and as per cannon of justice irrespective of who was who.

Diplomat car Islamabad hit motorcyclist

It is pertinent to mention here that a motorcyclists hit by the vehicle of US diplomat near Daman-e-Koh Chowk on April 7 succumbed to his injuries.

According to details, two motorcyclists Attique Baig and Raheel Ahmed were injured after being hit by a land cruiser driven by Col.Joseph Air attaché and diplomat of US Embassy. One of the injured person Attique Baig succumbed to his injuries while Raheel Ahmed was under treatment.

Diplomat car Islamabad hit motorcyclist

Police said it acted strictly as per law and laid down procedure. Police responded on the scene of occurrence where the man inside the vehicle introduced himself to be Col. Joseph Air attache and diplomat of US Embassy, the spokesperson added.

He also showed ID card duly issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan declaring his status as diplomat and claimed diplomatic immunity. He along with vehicle was brought to Police Station Kohsar and FIR about the incident was lodged under proper sections of law against him. The card by Ministry of Foreign Affairs declaring him diplomat is also attached.

Diplomat car Islamabad hit motorcyclist

He was also interrogated meanwhile Security officials of US embassy reached and exhibited security immunity. Under Article 29 of Vienna Convention 1961 to which Pakistan is also signatory; a diplomat can neither be arrested nor detained.

As it was a weekend, Col. Joseph status as diplomat and veracity of card issued by MOFA to that count was telephonically also confirmed from the ministry which verified it. Thus he was handed over to US embassy security staff and his vehicle, MOFA issued card and driving license were taken into custody as per laid down procedure, the spokesman added.


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