Sunday, July 3, 2022

United Nations endorses US-Taliban peace deal in Afghanistan


UNITED NATIONS: The United Nations’ Security Council unanimously backed recently signed peace deal between the United States and the Afghan Taliban.

A US resolution on Tuesday in the world body backed the step towards ending the war in Afghanistan and opening the door to intra-Afghan dialogue.

The resolution urged the Afghan government to advance the peace process, by participating in intra-Afghan negotiations through a diverse and inclusive negotiating team composed of Afghan political and civil society leaders, including women.

The resolution also urged for women’s rights in the country.

The agreement is expected to lead to intra-Afghan talks in which all factions, including Taliban, would create a roadmap for the future of the country.

The agreement, which was signed February 29, is also aimed winding down US military presence in Afghanistan after 18 years of engagement in the country. It stipulates that all US troops would be withdrawn from the country within 14 months provided the Taliban uphold security commitments.

President Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday announced that 1,500 Taliban prisoners would be released from jails this weekend in a move to smooth the way toward upcoming talks with Taliban. He had earlier rejected the measure proposed in the agreement. The release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners also conditioned with Taliban’s limiting its attacks.


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