Saturday, September 24, 2022

US tried to put restrictions on Pakistan’s nuclear program: Aziz


“Drastic changes took place in the world politics after 9/11. Some countries made alliance on anti-Islam ideologies,” he said.

However during tenure of the current government relations between Pakistan and United States had got better, he said while giving interview to a state television channel. He said Pakistan had rejected US pressure on the country’s nuclear programme.

The advisor on foreign affairs said US intervention in Pakistan’s internal affairs had damaged bilateral relations, but the present government has revived strategic dialogue with US and urged US to cooperate with Pakistan on all levels.

He said verbal and gestural understandings were given to US authorities on drone strikes in former president Musharraf and Pakistan People’s Party’s tenures.

“The current PML-N government has taken a strong stance and gradually such strikes have decreased in frequency. Around 117 drone strikes were carried out in 2013 which has reduced to three in the following year,” he claimed.

Aziz also said most of the groups fighting in Afghanistan were fighting from within Afghanistan, but the perception persisted that Pakistan should take action against them.

“We can only bring Taliban to the negotiating table using our influence, but ultimately Afghanistan has to talk with them,” he said.

To a query, he said that Pakistan had not breached any agreement by constructing a gate on the Torkham border.

Sartaj Aziz said the gate was being constructed in 35km inside Pakistan’s territory from the border, hence, no one has the right of objection to this.

He said the ruling government has decided not to compromise on its integrity. He also said special security division had been established for China Pakistan Economic Corridor.


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