Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Visa duration for Pakistanis reduced to three months: US Embassy


ISLAMABAD: Visa duration for Pakistani citizens has been reduced to three months from five years, US Embassy spokesperson said on Tuesday.

The announcement will also be applicable to the Pakistani journalists who would be issued visas for three months.

The US government has also increased visa application fees for Pakistanis up to $192 from $160.

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According to the US Embassy spokesperson, the latest move was made in response to modification of visa policy and fees by the Pakistani government. Islamabad had already taken steps for reducing visa period and fee increment for US citizens, the spokesperson added.

However, issuance of visas to the government officials will be made in view of their working period by the US administration.

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Earlier in May last year, the Foreign Ministry had announced ‘reciprocal’ travel restrictions on U.S. diplomats in a tit-for-tat move just a day after the implementation of US restrictions on Pakistani diplomats.

The U.S. government had notified Pakistani authorities on May 11 – 2018 that diplomats at its Washington embassy and consulates will be barred from travelling more than 40 kilometres from their posts without prior permission.


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