Monday, August 15, 2022

Buzdar bans Iftar prepared from state’s expenses


LAHORE: Across the province, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar on Tuesday banned Iftar which was arranged on the state’s expenses.

The chief minister said “we are the warden of national resources and austerity is the basic element of our policy.”

Public needs to realize that their money would be only spent on them, he added while putting an end to the practice of officials enjoying free Iftar on government’s finances.

A day earlier, in a statement issued from his office, CM Usman Buzdar directed the concerned authorities for a strict monitoring of Ramazan Bazars and added that he himself would personally visit the Ramazan Bazars and would review the arrangements.

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The chief minister said that subsidy worth billions of rupees had been provided on the essential items to provide relief to people during Ramadan.

CM Buzdar said a 10-kg flour bag will be sold at the rate of Rs.290 in ‘Ramazan Bazars’ and added that chicken, cooking oil and ghee will be provided Rs.10 and Rs.20 less than market rates respectively in bazar.

He said the people would be able to purchase one kilogram of sugar at the rate of Rs.55 in Ramzan Bazar.



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