Friday, October 22, 2021

Uzbekistan projected to join hands with Pakistan’s pharmaceuticals


LAHORE: Uzbekistan Ambassador Furqat Sidiqov has insisted on Pakistan’s private sector to associate with Uzbek businessmen in the fields of pharmaceutical, textile, fertilizer and other sectors of economy.

At the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), he expressed that Uzbekistan is enthusiastic when it comes to augment trade relations with Pakistan. Since both countries had great potential to cooperate with each other in miscellaneous areas.

As Pakistan’s pharmaceutical products are best termed around the globe, therefore, Uzbekistan illustrates their fanatical interest in them. He also added tourism, agriculture, food processing, automobile, construction, chemicals, oil and gas, mining and electronics as potential areas of mutual cooperation.

Pakistan’s efforts related to peace talk are much appreciated, therefore, he asked the LCCI to send a specific delegation related to each sector to Uzbekistan in order to reassure complete cooperation from the embassy.

According to LCCI President Malik Tahir Javaid, trade diplomacy was a must to strengthen mutual trade and economic relations and for that matter, the LCCI kept a close liaison with heads of foreign missions in Pakistan.

He also added, that Pakistan and Uzbekistan had entrenched historical ties and both were situated in a region of great geostrategic importance.

Javaid’s point of view explains the detailed current level of bilateral trade which is not even 1% of the expected trade volume, that is mandatory for a bilateral relationship. However, if both the countries mainly focus on various sectors, it will surely result in the best situation for each other.

Pakistan wanted to gain access to Central Asian markets and landlocked Uzbekistan was eager to get access to ports on the Arabian Sea, he said, adding “we believe that cooperation between the two distant neighbors is significant for political and economic well-being of the entire region.”

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