Sunday, June 26, 2022

VIDEO: Chinese sisters selling fresh air and this is no joke


BEIJING: Two Chinese sisters have taken everyone by surprise after they started selling a bag of ‘ fresh air ’ in an apparent move to capitalize China’s worsening air quality problem with this innovative business plan.

The two women from Xining have launched an online business startup selling fresh air from the Tibetan Plateau, reports the Shanghaiist.

fresh air

Customers apparently have a choice of air from the mountain or valley, depending on their preference. A video, in the local language, lays out the process of collecting the air and selling it online. It shows the duo collecting air from a Xining park.

Each bag is apparently priced at 15 Yuan (around Rs 237 PKR), and the sisters reportedly claim to have sold 100 bags already. But they have also clarified that they’re not in the air business for cash, but to draw attention to the importance of better environmental protection efforts.

Responding to the deteriorating quality of air in China, earlier this year a Xi’an forestry department had begun selling fresh air from the Qinling mountains at 18 yuan a can.



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