Tuesday, January 31, 2023

VIDEO: ‘Dulha’ in Gujranwala stuck in rainwater, wades thru water to reach his wedding


If you think you are having a bad day, kill the thought immediately…. Because the video you’re about to watch of a guy on his wedding day will likely change your idea about bad fortune.

car wedding


A video is making rounds on the internet showing a groom from Gujranwala, got stuck in rain water on his wedding day when his car broke down.

car wedding rain


The groom decided he is not going to let the rains play spoilsport.

car stuck

He gets out of his car, dressed in his turban and wedding clothes and goes on to push his car decorated with flowers.

punjab rain

While he often seems to be on the cusp of giving up, he doesn’t and throughout the video, continues to push the car towards the venue, without anybody’s help mostly.



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