Monday, June 27, 2022

Video goes viral: Heartbroken man clings to woman’s legs, begs ‘not to leave him


In one such incident, a man was caught on camera desperately clinging to his girlfriend’s leg after she told him she was leaving him.

And now, the video of the man’s public begging has gone viral, showing him crawling across the ground and asking her not to end their relationship, reported the Mirror.




He begged: “Please don’t leave me”, but his determined girlfriend shouted: “Let me go. This is so embarrassing.”

She later adds: “We can’t be together anymore – it’s impossible.”

Sadly, his public antics not only failed to work, but also earned him a dozen slaps across the face as he left his now ex-girlfriend mortified beyond imagination.


The short clip, shot in the streets of Huai’an City, in East China’s Jiangsu Province, show the scenes unfolding in a popular shopping district.

Several pedestrians bore witnesses to the shocking scenes.



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