Monday, June 27, 2022

VIDEO: After heavy rains, ‘chemical snowfall’ lashes Indian city


BENGALURU: Parts of an Indian city Bengaluru were engulfed with chemical foam spilling out of a lake following heavy torrential rains in the metropolis.

Strong winds sent the froth flying and has reached a nearby mall and hospital. A wire mesh built around the lake’s periphery did not stop the froth from enveloping the nearby areas.

The heavy showers that lashed the city in the past week have resulted in Varthur Lake foaming. With toxic foam spilling over to the main artery, commuters had a tough time negotiating traffic for last couple of weeks, said the Indian media reports.

Adding to the woes is the unbearable stink coming from the froth.

The pictures and videos of the pathetic state have been posted by the locals on social media, with many criticising the civic bodies for the utter disorder.

Speaking with the Deccan Herald, Pravir Bargodia, a member of the Whitefield Rising Group, said it was for the first time that the froth reached the Columbia Asia Hospital. He said the foam was disrupting traffic, making it difficult for commuters.

Industrial pollution, dumping of debris and solid waste in Bengaluru lakes has led to most them turning toxic. In February, Bellandur lake, the city’s largest water body, caught fire and it took nearly four hours to put it out.




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