Monday, September 26, 2022

WATCH: Lamb born with one eye baffles villagers  


A mutant lamb born with one-eye has baffled the villagers in Indonesia with some comparing it with a demon while the owner considered it to be a blessing for his family.

The footage of the lamb shared by a farmer, identified as Pipih, 65, shows a black lamb soon after its birth with a single eye in the middle of his forehead.

Pipih, 65, said the mother and its other babies were normal except for this one born with Cyclopia at the rural property in West Java.

The lamb had difficulty breathing and eating because of its deformed face so Pipih sought help from neighbours, but some believed that it might be unlucky.

Pipih said: “I didn’t expect it to birth a lamb with one eye. I take care of my sheep and none of them have any diseases.”

The farmer was told that his lamb might be a demon disguising itself as a goat, a reincarnation of the religious character “Dajjal”.

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However, he believed otherwise and said that its birth could bring blessings to his family.

The lamb is believed to have had cyclopia, a rare birth defect that disrupted the development of the eyes into two cavities. Creatures with the condition are normally stillborn or die shortly after due to breathing and brain problems.

Same happened to the animal. which died on June 24, two days after it was born, because it struggled to breathe and eat.


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