Thursday, August 18, 2022

VIDEO: Man loses his fingers while trying to feed tiger with bare hands


It’s always advised to exercise extreme caution while feeding a tiger or any other big cat. Even when they are caged. But a Chinese man tempted fate by demonstrating braveness out of carelessness.

An elderly man in China paid a heavy price after he tried to feed a caged tiger. In a painful video that’s gone viral from China’s Henan county, a circus tiger bit into a man’s hand when he put it inside the cage to feed the big cat.

Tiger finger man

The footage shows the man trying to feed not one but two tigers locked in the separate enclosures. As one moves away, the other hungry cat grabs his hand and keeps munching it even as one of the onlookers pokes the wild feline with big sticks to try and save the man.

Eventually, the old man fainted, falling to the floor when the tiger finally released his hand. “Onlookers called for an ambulance and the man was taken to the hospital. His current condition is not known,” the Shanghaiist reported.


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