Friday, March 31, 2023

Video: Man pours acid on multiple vehicles after being fired from job


A man working as a car cleaner in a housing society in India’s Uttar Pradesh state damaged more than 15 vehicles by pouring acid in order to take revenge after he was fired from the job.

According to Indian police officials, the accused, Ramraj worked as a car clear in the society for the past 6 years but some of the residents were not happy with his work and mutually decided to relieve him.

However, after being fired from the job he damaged more than a dozen of cars by pouring acid on them.

Later, the society’s security officer tracked the accused and brought him back while the apartment owners’ association also took acknowledged the matter through CCTV video and lodged a police complaint.

“When questioned, the accused told the police that someone handed over the acid to him but he could not explain the situation and made vague claims with discrepancies in his statements,” the Indian police officer said.

The accused was booked under Indian Penal Code Section 427 (mischief) and later produced in a local court which sent him to jail, the Indian police officer added.


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