Friday, August 19, 2022

VIDEO: Mysterious sea monster washes up on beach in Netherlands


AMSTERDAM: A chilling video is going viral on the internet showing a mysterious animal sprawled across the sand along the sea.

Its head looks like some sort of claw, with four tentacle-like arms.

Behind the body appears a long line, which is hard to discern whether that is also its body or simply where the creature had dragged itself out of the water.

mysterious sea monster

The clip – taken on the beach of Julianadorp, Netherlands – comes to an end before the cameraman gets close enough to fully work out what the beast is.

Thousands of people have seen the video since it was posted to YouTube, with many viewers commenting their own suggestions.

sea monster

“Damn nature…you scary. I have never seen anything like that,” one wrote.

Another added: “An octopus with long seaweed caught on it.”

But a third disagreed, saying: “That’s just a starfish, no need to panic.”


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