Sunday, July 3, 2022

New video shows how PUBG catches cheaters


The new video from PUBG Corp has opened up how the PUBG anti-cheat team works. The video gives us an insight into how all the different anti-cheat measures from the developers work.

With a video description that reads simply as “an update from the PUBG team working behind the scenes to respond to cheaters and unauthorised apps”.

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The video stresses the automated checks and balances that the developers have put in place.

“We’re always looking for ways to provide the most positive gameplay experience we can for our community,” said Dohyung Lee the head of PUBG‘s anti-cheat unit.

“The Anti-Cheat Unit identifies suspicious player behaviour through player reports and our internal systems,” added Wonha Ryu, anti-cheat operation manager.

PUBG Corporation also works with “international partners” to find and arrest distributors of illegal hacks. “One example of this is our close cooperation with our partner agency allowed us to apprehend the developers and distributors of the largest hack sales organization,” said Ryu.


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