Saturday, February 4, 2023

Video: Severed head of wolffish turns out to be alive and biting


A video of a large, toothy fish biting down on a can of Coke has recently gone viral, due to the fact that it is a decapitated head. When the can is forced into the jaw of the dead fish, it chomps down hard, creating a foamy mess.

The video shows a big, severed head of a fish that is presumed to be dead. Maybe the chef had some doubts, so they decided to check if the whole fish is cut and done with.

They place a full, sealed can of Coca-Cola in its open mouth and to their shock, the head crushes the can.

The chef must be an experienced person to check for any signs of life in such a big fish.

“It is alliiiiive,” the caption of the video shared via Twitter handle @viciousvideos read.

The wolffishes have a notorious biting reflex which is well-known by fishermen.


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