Sunday, June 26, 2022

VIDEO: Steer and horse form an unlikely friendship at Californian farm


CALIFORNIA: A friendship tale of a rescued steer and a horse at a California farm is perhaps one of the cutest stories you may go through.

Sweet Farm in Half Moon Bay said the 3-year-old steer, Gizmo, took a quick liking to 33-year-old stallion Sturgis and the pair have become an inseparable duo.

“At Sweet Farm, Gizmo and Sturgis have become best friends. This pair of rescues – a 3 year year old steer and a 33 year old stallion are inseparable around the farm. Every day they remind us that friendship knows no shape, size or color,” the farm said in a Facebook post.

The farm said Gizmo walks to the stables each day to wait for Sturgis to finish breakfast so they can visit the pasture together.

Horse and Steer at Californian Farm Are Best… by storyfulviral


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