Sunday, August 7, 2022

Villagers use donkey to beat the heat, video goes viral


In a bid to beat the heat amid sizzling weather, these villagers found an innovative and cheaper solution, a donkey.

In a hilarious video, the villagers can be seen using a donkey to give them some cool as they sit in an open area. The 54-second video shows a group of men sitting on a cot in the middle of a deserted area. Two sheets are hanging on a stick. A donkey has also been toed to the stick.


When the donkey walks around the stick, the sheets start rotating to act as a fan.

In the background, a song based on the summer season is heard playing. The video was captioned as, “Summer solutions – Desi remedy to beat the heat.”

The video has gone viral, garnering over 8,000 views. While some netizens found the video amusing, others called it animal abuse, Times Now News reported.

One user wrote,” Necessity is the mother of invention.” Another said, “Creativity at the cost of torturing the animal.”


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