Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Aircraft makes dangerous low landing, video goes viral


A jaw-dropping video of an aircraft making a dangerously low landing at an airport is going viral on social media.

The viral video, shared on YouTube by GreatFlyer, showed a WizzAir Airbus A321neo plane hovering over the sea as it approaches the Skiathos Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport in Greece.

It became clear that the front wheel of the plane will avoid grazing the bystanders by inches. The people moved out of the way of the plane which was making its final approach.

It flew past the road that was full of onlookers before it made it to the airport.

The clip has millions of views on YouTube and countless comments.

A user wrote, “That was absolutely insane! Wonderful capture mate, awesome job!” while another wrote, “I was there this summer too. Great island. He came in really too low. But the people were quite chilled, or?”

A third netizen stated: “That’s insane, they could’ve touched the wheels 😂 Awesome video, kudos!”

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It is pertinent to mention that Skiathos Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport has just a 5,341-foot(1628 meters) runway. Only those planes that have the same size as a Boeing 767-200 can be accommodated there.

Its runaway is short and narrow because the airport was built on uneven terrain on Skiathos Island. It was reclaimed from the sea between the island and the smaller island of Lazaret.


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