Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Viral: Artist creates optical illusion on a tree trunk


An unknown artist has created an optical illusion by painting a fairy-like structure spinning on a ball in the middle of a tree trunk. This illusion is intended to create a sense of depth.

The amazing artwork was made in such a way that it looks like half the tree is floating in the air and the woman in an orange dress is standing under it.

In a viral video that shows how this optical illusion was created, an artist can be seen wrapping a piece of paper on a tree trunk. He then proceeds to draw an outline of a girl standing on top of a ball.

The artist then merges the background of the image with the background of the real location till it appears to be a part of the surrounding. He finishes his artwork by painting the girl.

In the end, it appears as if the girl were spinning on a ball as the tree trunk stands dissected into two parts. The video has won millions of hearts and has been appreciated by numerous users in the comment section of the post.



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