Sunday, August 14, 2022

VIRAL: Bulldozer destroys 100 bikes for ‘road safety’


A mayor in the United States got hundred of illegal dirt bikes bulldozed as part of a road safety campaign and the video is viral. 

The viral video, shared by foreign news agency Reuters, showed New York City Mayor Eric Adams waving a checkered flag before the bulldozer proceeded to crush hundreds of illegal motorbikes and ATVs. 

The destroyed vehicles were seized by New York Police Department earlier this year.

“As you can see from the number of bikes here today, we are making good on that promise — 900 bikes more than what they were able to remove last year, 88% increase because of the work of the New York City Police Department and communities,” the mayor said as quoted in the report. “They will be crushed today so that they can never terrorize our city again. Each and every one of them, they will be turned into scrap metal and eventually recycled. 

“The motorbikes are destroyed rather than resold or donated in order to prevent them from returning to our streets and not allow them to operate again.”

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The city’s decision to destroy the motorbike received a mixed responses.

“This is just the government celebrating the destruction of property that it stole from the people,” a netizen wrote. Another wrote, “If you don’t live in NYC you don’t realize how satisfying this is to see. They ride down streets doing wheelies, harassing & nearly running people over. 3 bikes rode through the middle of Astoria park the other day across the grass weaving between families. It’s gangs & a problem.”

A netizen stated, “It’s hurt my heart to see so many vehicles which bring such joy to people’s lives be destroyed. Why not create a space and time for people to ride them?”


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