Wednesday, August 17, 2022

VIRAL: Cap-shaped cloud over mountain mesmerises netizens


A recent video of an unusual but breathtaking cap-shaped cloud over a mountain has mesmerized netizens and gone viral over the internet.

The amazing video, shared over Twitter, shows a lenticular cloud, revolving over a snow-capped mountain’s peak. The mesmerizing video, shared by a Twitter account named ‘Amazing Nature’ has gathered over 233k views and gotten over 12,000 likes as of now.

The unusual cloud, displaying a truly delightful view, formed a triangle hat-like structure on top of the mountain and kept revolving around it, similar to an upside-down tornado.

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The location of the cloud-capped mountain was not mentioned in the video.

The video was captioned ‘Incredible Nature’.

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What is a lenticular cloud?

These cap-shaped clouds are formed on top of mountains as a result of higher moisture in the upper levels of the atmosphere. Lenticular clouds are sometimes also called standing wave clouds as they are associated with waves in the atmosphere. These develop when fast-moving air aloft is forced up over a physical obstacle, such as a mountain range or volcano.


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