Monday, August 15, 2022

Viral: Car gets stuck on speed breaker


BHOPAL: In a weird incident, a car got stuck on a high-speed breaker in Bhopal city of India.

Taking to Twitter, the car owner shared the picture of the ‘hanging car’ and termed the whole situation a ‘masterpiece’. He said his car – Kia Seltos SUV – got stuck on the speed breaker near Parking Number 10.

Even after a struggle of several hours, he could not pull his car off the breaker and had to finally toe it. He sarcastically wrote: “A big salute to the excellent engineer who made this speed breaker. Cars often get stuck on this but the administration in mum.”

The photo of the ‘hanging car’ was shared by many Twitter users who asked the concerned authorities to take notice of such speed breakers.



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