Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Cat acts like goalkeeper, video goes viral


A video of a cat acting like a goalkeeper while watching a football match on TV is going viral across social media platforms.

The viral video on Instagram showed the cat scratching at the screen and trying to catch the ball whenever it came towards the goal. The men can’t stop laughing over the cat’s hilarious behaviour.

“This cat would make a great goalie,” the text on the video read.


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The video has thousands of likes with amusing comments.

“This is hilarious 🤣” while another netizen wrote, “That’s hysterical!😂”. A third netizen said it was the best thing they had seen that day while a fourth netizen said the cat would be in his team.

This video may be one of a kind but there have been amusing moments in which animals have stolen the show with their baffling and cheerful moments.

Earlier, a dog named Dazzle played fielder during a women’s T20 match between Bready Cricket Club (BCC) and Civil Service North of Ireland Cricket Club (CSNICC) in Ireland.

The canine came into the field while the BCC fielder threw the ball at the wicketkeeper, who attempted a run out by throwing the ball at the stumps but missed. It went towards Dazzle and the animal grabbed it, before running on the ground.

The dog managed to dodge several players. However, one of the batters managed to lure the dog and took the ball from it. The canine was taken away later.


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