Saturday, May 21, 2022

VIRAL: Couple ‘catch fire’ during wedding reception


A video of a stunt double making their exit from their wedding reception while being on fire is viral across social media platforms. 

The viral video, posted on the social media application TikTok and shared on Instagram, sees Gabe Jessop holding his hand with his wife Ambyr Bambyr.

A man came up behind her and set her bouquet on fire, which spread to their backs quickly. The stunt double walked and waved to the crowd, that cheered them on.

They were not fazed for a slight. They went down on one knew before the flames were extinguished.

The report stated the couple first met when working on the sets.

The video has 2,000 likes and counting and people came up with all sorts of comments. Most of them wanted the pictures to see the aftermath of the incident.

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“Can you please send some of these photos? Just want to see the result of all the effort 🙂 Good day” netizen commented while another wrote the concept of marriage made him scared.

A third stated, “arguments in Marriage life is like fire. When you down the fire will off. When you continue the fire will continue.”

A fourth stated that marriage marks the start of a new and happy life, adding that they should not do publicity stunts like these.


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