Watch: Delivery person spits on food over low tip

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A bizarre video of a delivery person in the United States spitting on a customer’s food parcel over a low tip is going viral on social media.

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The viral video showed him standing at the doorstep, and waiting for the payment and tip. 

He checked the screen multiple times before walking towards the parcel and spitting on the food parcel thrice. 

He muttered, “I didn’t tell you..They left me nothing”, disapprovingly.


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A foreign news agency reported that the 13-year-old Elias Crisanto and his mother tipped him $3 (Rs893). 

Elias Crisanto, speaking with the media, said that the delivery person acted out of control as he believed it was insufficient. 

He contacted the company demanding a refund. His request was turned down as the service line told him that he should have handled the situation “better.”

Delivery persons work day in and day out and expect a sufficient tip in return for their service. Sometimes, they find it insufficient and take matters into their own hands. 

Recently, a French restaurant’s waiter harassed a customer for not tipping him enough.

A foreign news agency reported that an Italian man dined at an expensive restaurant in the French town of Saint Tropez. He tipped the waiter €500 (Rs162,612). It was 10 per cent of the bill. 

The waiter was dissatisfied with the amount. He chased and reprimanded the customer. 

The waiter told the customer, who was satisfied with the amount he paid, that he expected 20 per cent of the bill as a tip.

The guest’s friend accused the waiter of pressurizing them to “rectify their mistake”. He demanded a tip of €1000 instead.