Monday, May 23, 2022

VIRAL: Driver’s impeccable skills blow away social media


A video of a driver making a perfect u-turn on a narrow mountain road is viral across social media platforms.

The viral video, shared by a Twitter user Dr Ajayita, got over a million likes and near 30,000 likes.

The clip sees a driver reversing, accelerating and turning the steering wheel of his vehicle on what looked like an edge of a cliff at first.

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The Twitter users, including Bollywood actor Raveena Tandon, retweeted the video to laud the driver’s skills. Here is what the netizens had to say.

There were users who believed that the situation would have been different if the driver used the reverse gear.

The same video, which had different camera angles, was first shared on YouTube at first back in December last year by Driving Skills changel.

In the video, which had millions of views, one can see that it was a very narrow road and the driver was an expert.


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