Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Viral: Elephants come together to save calf from strong river water


A jaw-dropping video that sees a herd of elephants making a collaborative effort to save a calf from being carried away by a strong river is going viral.

In the 59-second long viral video, the baby veered off due to the strong flow of the river water. The biggest one enters the water and manages to secure the calf. The rest of them join in and brought him to safety.

The inspirational video was posted on Instagram. It got at least 2.1 million views. Netizens loved how the animals came together and saved the little one.

“Amazing creatures!!! Elephants take care of their young better than some humans take care of theirs,” a caption read. ” A second wrote, “We as humans have a lot to learn from these majestic creatures ❤️.”

Elephants are fiercely protective of their little ones. They pose a great danger to anyone who may harm them.

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A video of a crocodile being killed underneath the feet of an angry mother elephant after it stalked her calf in the shallows of a river in Zambia.


The video shows the mother elephant using her trunk and head to push the reptile and soon the mama elephant gets aggressive as she tramples the reptile under her weight.

Since the elephant did not had tusks, she used her mouth for most of the attack. The elephant wrapped her trunk around the crocodile’s tail and tossed it around while trampling it.

The continuous crushing by the elephant resulted in the crocodile’s death.


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