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Watch: Footballer killed by lightning strike during match


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A horrific video showing a footballer getting killed by a lightning strike during a match in Indonesia is going viral on social media.

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 Indonesian news agency PRFM News reported that the heartwrenching incident reportedly happened during a friendly match at Siliwangi Stadium in Bandung.

The horrific video showed the man playing the match when it started to rain. Suddenly, gets struck by lightning and collapses on the field.

The other players reportedly rushed to assist him. He was transferred to Sariningsih Hospital where he died during treatment.

Social media users expressed their shock and dismay with their comments. Here’s what they said.

The National Weather Service stated that a person becomes “part of the main lightning discharge channel” when struck by one. The phenomenon occurs when the victim is in open space.

It is lethal because “the current moves along and just over the skin surface (called flashover) and a portion of the current moves through the body–usually through the cardiovascular and/or nervous systems”.

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