Saturday, August 13, 2022

Fruit seller becomes sensation with unique selling method, video goes viral


The video of a fruit seller selling fruits in a unique and eye-catching way is going viral on social media platforms. 

The viral video showed him making weird faces and shouting at the top of his voice. He started by slicing watermelons and papayas. He looked at the camera and howled at it.

He also hit himself on his head with a silver tray.

The fruit seller showed the sliced watermelon and showed its colour’s richness.

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The video was shared by Reddit user initially and shared on the video-streaming platform YouTube. The video on YouTube got thousands of likes and humourous comments.  

  • “The “kacha badam” has inspired every gully vendor to explore their own creativity in any unpredictable style….😂”
  • “Aise logo ke liye ‘Introvert’ word exist he nhi karta. (There is no such thing as ‘introvert’ for these people).”
  • “He is just passionate and enjoy his work…don’t belittle him with ur nonsense comments.”
  • “Bollywood should recruit this guy.”
  • “Best promoter n Marketer.”
  • “I am scared…..”

Earlier, a video of an elderly man selling fruits by singing a funny song is going viral across social media platforms. 

In the viral video, the man was seen sitting on a pushcart that had guavas and grapes on it. He hummed of selling a dozen grapes for INR15. Although we cannot make out exactly what he was saying, his selling method is catchy. 


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